Policy C – General School Administration

Section C – 4 General School Administration

Section C contains policies on school management, administrative organization and responsibilities and school building and department administration. It also contains policies regarding the superintendent, senior administrators and building principals.

Superintendent Duties and Responsibilities
Superintendent Employment
Superintendent’s Salary and Fringe Benefits
Evaluation of Superintendent
Directors’ Employment Responsibilities
Superintendents’ Employment Responsibilities
Building Administrators’ Employment Responsibilities
Procedure for Employment of Custodians
Assistant Superintendent for Business Services Employment Responsibility
School Building Administration

Policy Code:  CBA  (III. – 7.) (III. – 8.) (III. -10.)(III. – 11.) (III. 12.) (III. – 36.) (III. – 37.)
Policy Name: Superintendent Duties and Responsibilities                                               
Adoption: November, 1995
Reviewed: March 2008   

The Board of Education of School District 14 directs the Superintendent to assign teachers, administrators, and auxiliary personnel to the schools in a manner consistent with the comparability of personnel requirements of P.O. 97-35, Section 558 (c) (2) (B).

The Board of Education directs the Superintendent to allocate building budgets for curriculum material and instructional supplies on a per student basis so that all schools within a given span of grades receive equal allocations per student enrolled. This policy is intended to insure district compliance with the requirements of P.O. 97-35, Section 558 (c) (2) (C).

The Superintendent is the executive agent of the Board for the management of the schools. He/she shall attend regular and special meetings of the Board and work with the Board at all times for the welfare of the students and patrons of the district.

The Superintendent shall recommend rules and regulations for the management of the district schools based on the policies of the Board.

The Superintendent shall recommend when new facilities are needed.

The Superintendent shall recommend to the Board, candidates for teaching positions and other instructional personnel as well as all other classified personnel.

The Superintendent shall submit a budget to the Board of Education and, after it has been approved by the Board, follow it as provided by law.

The Board of Education directs the Superintendent to apply for assistance under Public Laws 874 and 815 when appropriate.

Policy Code: CBB (III. 6)
Policy Name:  Superintendent Employment
Adoption:  November, 1995
Revised: June 2008

The superintendent shall be responsible for the interviewing and employing following employees:

1. Assistant Superintendent for Business Services

2. Assistant Superintendent for Instruction.

3. Principals

4. Secretaries to the Superintendent and School Board.

5. Director of Technology

Policy Code: CBI
Policy Name: Evaluation of Superintendent
Date Adopted:
Date Reviewed:

The Board shall institute and maintain a comprehensive program for the evaluation of the superintendent on a regular basis that is consistent with state law and agreed upon by the Board and the superintendent.
Through evaluation of the superintendent, the Board shall strive to accomplish the following:

1.  Clarify the superintendent’s role in the school system as seen by the Board by defining objectives that will contribute to achievement of district-wide goals.

2.  Clarify for all Board members the role of the superintendent in view of the job description and the immediate priority among responsibilities as agreed upon by the Board and the superintendent.

3.  Develop positive communication and harmonious working relationships between the Board and superintendent.

4.  Provide administrative leadership of excellence for the school system including implementation of educational programs for the achievement of the educational objectives of the school district, including state and district content standards.

5.  Measure the superintendent’s professional growth and development and level of performance.

The Board shall consult with the superintendent and the advisory school district personnel performance evaluation council when revising the process for evaluation of the superintendent.
As a precondition to the evaluation process, the Board and the superintendent shall develop a position description that sets forth expectations for the superintendent.  The Board also shall have a plan setting forth goals for the district.

The evaluation of the superintendent shall be based on criteria that are determined prior to the evaluation.  There shall be a clear relationship among the criteria, the position description for the superintendent and the goals of the district.

The superintendent’s performance shall be reviewed at least annually in accordance with the specified goals.  Additional objectives shall be established at intervals agreed upon with the superintendent.
The evaluation process shall afford each Board member the opportunity to evaluate the performance of the superintendent on an individual basis.  The evaluation document prepared by the Board shall represent a synthesis of information collected from individual Board members.

The evaluation document shall be prepared in writing.  The superintendent shall have an opportunity to review the document with the Board in executive session.  The report shall be signed by the superintendent and the president of the Board.

The evaluation document shall contain a written improvement plan, be specific as to performance strengths and weaknesses, specifically identify data sources and sources of information upon which the evaluation was based.

Those portions of the superintendent’s written evaluation relating to the performance in fulfilling adopted district objectives, fiscal management of the district, district planning responsibilities and supervision and evaluation of district personnel shall be available for inspection by the public during regular office hours.

Nothing in this policy shall be construed to imply in any manner the establishment of any personal rights not explicitly established by statute, Board policy or contract.  All employment decisions remain within the sole and continuing discretion of the Board.

LEGAL REF.:  C.R.S. 22-9-101et seq. (Licensed Personnel Performance Evaluation Act)
CROSS REFS.: ADA, School District Goals and Objectives
BDFA*, District Personnel Performance Evaluation Council
CBA/CBC, Qualifications/Powers and Responsibilities of Superintendent
GCOE*, Evaluation of Evaluators

Policy Code: CD (VII. – 4.)
Policy Name: Directors’ Employment  Responsibilities
Adoption:  November, 1995
Reviewed: March 2008   

The Directors of Transportation and Food Service are responsible for the interviewing and recommending for employment bus drivers and kitchen help respectively. this process will be done in close contact with the Assistant Superintendent for Business Services.  All recommendations for employment will be made by the Director to the Superintendent for approval on behalf of the Board of Education

Policy Code:  CDA (VII. – 5.)
Policy Name: Superintendent’s Employment  Responsibilities
Adoption: November, 1995
Revised: April, 2017

The Superintendent or his/her designee shall be responsible for the interviewing and employing the following employees:

1. Assistant Superintendents and Principals

2. Directors of Food Service, Buildings and Grounds, Transportation, and Technology.

3. Central Office Administrative Staff

4. District Nurse or other district level itinerant staff


Policy Code:  CDB (VII. – 6.)
Policy Name: Principals’ Employment Responsibilities
Adoption: November, 1995
Revised: June, 2008

The building principals shall be responsible for interviewing and recommending for employment to the Superintendent all building teachers, Assistant Principals, Activities Directors, counselors, coaches, advisors, paraprofessionals, media technicians, computer technicians and secretaries.

Policy Code:  CDC (VII. – 7.)
Policy Name: Procedure for Employment  of Custodians
Adoption: November, 1995
Reviewed: March 2008   

The building principal and the Director of Buildings and Grounds are jointly responsible for interviewing and recommending employment of custodians.

Policy Code: CDD (VII. – 8.)
Policy Name:  Assistant Superintendent for Business Employment Responsibilities
Adoption:  November, 1995
Reviewed: March 2008   

The Assistant Superintendent for Business Services is responsible for interviewing and recommending employment of bookkeeping personnel, the Directors of Transportation, Food Services and Buildings and Grounds.

Policy Code: CF (III. – 18.) (III. – 19.) (III. – 20.) (III. – 22.)
Policy Name:  School Building Administration
Adoption:  November, 1995           
Reviewed: March 2008   

Each district school building shall be managed by a building administrator.

Building administrators are charged with the responsibility of seeing that student behavior is acceptable at all school functions and at all interscholastic contests. Standards of conduct must meet the standards set by the Colorado High School Activities Association and the Local Activities Association to which the school is assigned.

Building administrators shall hold proper administrative certification or licensure from the Colorado Department of Education or be progressing rapidly toward certification or licensure.

During the school day, building administrators are responsible for providing proper supervision of students in and around their buildings.

Policy Code: CBD (III. – 31.)
Policy Name: Superintendent’s  Salary and Fringe Benefits                                                            
Adoption: November, 1995            
Reviewed: March 2008   

The salary and fringe benefits of the Superintendent shall be determined by the Board of Education.

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