Policy H – Negotiations


Section H contains policies and regulations on the process of negotiating with bargaining units as authorized by the Board of Education.

Formal Negotiations
Employee Salary Committee

Policy Code: HA (VIII. – 1.)
Policy Name:  Formal Negotiations
Adoption: November, 1995
Reviewed: December, 2008

The Board of Education recognizing the absence of legal authority to formally negotiate wage and fringe benefit matters with its employees, will not enter into any formal negotiations.

Policy Code:  HB (VIII. -2)
Policy Name:  Employee Salary Committee
Adoption: November, 1995
Revised:  October, 2004
Reviewed: December, 2008

The Board of Education recognizes the need for good Board-employee relationships and input.  Therefore, the Board will meet at its discretion, but before final budget adoption, with an employee salary committee representing all  employees in the district to discuss salary and fringe benefits for  employees and to hear the committee recommendations in those two areas. 
The salary committee shall be composed of:

Two teachers from each building.

Classified staff representing the different groups of classified employees.

The Superintendent of Schools or designee.

The Board  shall designate two of its members to serve as liaisons to the Salary Committee.

Superintendent’s Corner

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