World Language and Culture Night 2024
Students throughout the district had their projects on display during World Language and Culture Night. This year's theme was "The Showcase."

MSMS SWAT Team 2023-2024
Manitou Springs Middle School’s Students Working Against Tobacco team, also known as SWAT, is in full swing for its second year. The team includes more than 20 students in 7th and 8th grades.

MSHS Wrestling Senior Highlight 2023

UPES Thankful Thursday Literacy Luncheon
“Thankful Thursday Literacy Luncheon” was a day of gratitude, literacy, family and food. It was also an opportunity for students to make connections between food and literature while also practicing math skills and learning all about recipes and food preparation.

MSMS Veteran's Day Band and Orchestra
Music was written by Taylor Weimer

MSMS Spooky Orchestra

Incredible Years Parenting Program
Incredible Years Parenting Program is a 14-week course that is free for parents. Parents share their thoughts on the program and what they learned.

Commended Student in the 2024 National Merit Scholarship Program
Congratulations to the remarkable students of Manitou Springs High School! Out of a staggering 1.3 million students who took the PSAT/NMSQT assessment worldwide in the fall of 2022, a mere 34,000 were identified as Commended based on their outstanding scores. What's even more exceptional is that four of these exceptional individuals hail from Manitou Springs High School.

MSES Creek Week
Staff and students worked hard for Creek Week. Take a look at a recap of our exciting day!

AP Scholars 2021

Homecoming Video 2023

4th and 5th Grade Camping Trip

Our UPES 4th and 5th graders had a phenomenal time hiking, playing, eating, and learning (and maybe a tiny bit of sleeping)! Huge shout out to the chaperones- Mrs. Weisheipl, Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Wester, and Mr. McMartin! Another huge shout out to our incredible families who trust their most precious people to our care.

MSMS Volcanic Eruptions
As a grand finale to their Lithosphere Unit, the 6th graders exploded volcanoes. This was not the traditional vinegar and baking soda eruption, but rather a Coke and Mentos experimentation! They tested two hypotheses: "Carving into the Mentos to expose the material creates the bigger explosion" and "An 'all-at-once' delivery system creates the bigger explosion."

Manitou Springs High School Graduation 2023
Sunday, May 21, 2023 - 1:00 p.m.

MSES/MSMS Monster Exchange
A collaboration between Manitou Springs Middle School 7th graders and 2nd graders at Manitou Springs Elementary School involved elementary students drawing monsters and middle school students sewing stuffed creatures for them.

Senior Slideshow

MSMS Take Down Tobacco
Take Down Tobacco Piñata Smashing was held at Manitou Springs Middle School during all three lunches. Students who are members of the SWAT Team worked at a table and encouraged their peers to take the pledge to not vape, smoke, or use tobacco and nicotine products. Students or staff who signed up to pledge received a ticket to swing at the piñata (disguised as cigarettes/Skoal can/Vape pen). The Department of Public Health was also present with pig lungs on display which simulate lungs of a smoker versus someone who doesn't smoke.

Body Systems Week
Leading up to Body Systems Week, 7th grade students studied the human muscle, skeletal, and nervous systems. Then they completed group or individual project presentations on other human body systems. In the one-day frog dissections, the students were tasked with identifying internal organs by removing and placing them on a grid. In this process we discussed respecting life, as well as the similarities between frogs and humans. Students had the option to be out of the room and complete a drag and drop online dissection of a grasshopper.

9th Annual World Language and Culture Night

UPES Red Rock Canyon Open Space Trip
Staff and students at Ute Pass Elementary School took a trip to Red Rock Canyon Open Space. Third through sixth grade students worked on a beautification project with Friends of Red Rocks. Leave No Trace had a presentation for younger students.

MSES Spanish Cultural Dances and Mariachi Band Performance
What a fun time at Manitou Springs Elementary School! Students participated in Spanish Cultural Dances and a Mariachi band performed. Everyone did a fantastic job!

Mustang Safety Day Features Mock Car Crash, Safety Fair

As we look ahead to prom, graduation and other celebrations, Manitou Springs School District staff and local community partners want to make sure students stay safe, so they hosted Mustang Safety Day.

MSES Science Fair 2023

Fifth grade students at Manitou Springs Elementary School have been hard at work making sure their
projects were ready for the annual Science Fair.

Mustang Strong Day 2023

Staff and students celebrated Mustang Strong Day with a variety of activities and classes focused on wellness.

Read Across America at MSES

Student's Persuasive Letter Helps Reduce Plastic Trash at School

Claire, a student at Ute Pass Elementary School wrote a persuasive letter to Stasher about making reusable garbage bags. The company wrote her back!

Pikes Peak Library Cards
Parents had the ability to filled out the library applications during online registration this year. More than a 1000 students will receive library cards in the mail in late December or early January.

Kurinuki Cups

Students (and other teachers!) got to make their own Kurinuki cups or mugs out of clay. Kurinuki is a Japanese term relating to a particular hand-forming process. This technique involved carving out a solid block of clay to obtain interior space.

Home Build
The Home Build project started in October 2021. It’s a partnership between Manitou Springs School District and Careers in Construction Colorado, which is a non-profit under the Home Builders Association. This program is 100 percent funded by industry partners donating materials, time and mentorship with the Home Build.

Mustang Way Trail Build
Mustang Way is designed to connect Manitou Springs High School to the Intemann Trail. Volunteers have been working hard on the trail build.

Substitutes Testimonials
Substitute teachers share why they choose to sub at MSSD14. -- Have you thought about substitute teaching? Contact Sarah McAfee for more information:  [email protected]

MSES Pumpkin Drop 2022
Students at Manitou Springs Elementary School gathered outside this morning to watch pumpkins being dropped from the roof! -- It was interesting to see whether size, color, carved, or whole played a role in which pumpkin would hit the ground first... or if they'd land at the same time.

MSES Maniboo 2022
Maniboo is a Halloween carnival that MSES does each year to promote community and fun. Elementary students come dressed in their Halloween attire and participate in carnival-like games. Games include activities like: fishing, ring toss, cake walk, and more.

Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips
School Resource Officer Mandy Strider shared tips to stay safe while out trick-or-treating.

MSHS Bungee Jumping

Mr. Hass' high school Statistics class sent toy dolls bungee jumping! It was part of a lesson on scatter plots and lines of best fit. Take a look at how these students' dolls did!

MSHS Eleven Mile Climbing Trip
This group of high school students learned more than just the ropes. By the end of the day, they learned about trusting each other, working as a team, and overcoming fears.

5th grade Camping 2022
Almost 100 fifth grade students from Manitou Springs Elementary and Ute Pass Elementary Schools united at YMCA's Camp Shady Brook for two days full of science and fun!

150 Years Celebration
This year marks an exciting milestone for Manitou Springs School District 14. It’s the 150th year! Take a look down memory lane at some of the district's accomplishments and transformations.