Calming Room


Ideas for how to use the Virtual Calming Room

This site is for all of us. A virtual calming room is a safe place to get help if you need it, find fun things to do - coloring, puzzles/games, watching live animal cams, and more. Feel free to utilize all the resources to help you find peace, calm, creativity, etc. We are here for you!

  • Feeling overwhelmed? Try a quick meditation exercise at the beginning or end of your day to help your mind and your body find calm and quiet.
  • Take breaks between classes by doing a few minutes of yoga or exercise.

  • Practice some new cooking techniques or trying new foods with your kids! Having them help you will enable them to feel ownership over what they are eating and can be a fun, new way to spend time as a family.
  • If your student is learning from home, give them breaks between classes to move their bodies.

  • When beginning the day with your class, open one of the regulation strategies like, calming visuals. Students will be welcomed into your classroom in a regulated way.
  • Take the first 5 minutes of class, whether virtually or in person, and invite all students to participate in a short mindfulness exercise. This will help everyone to take some time to refocus and regulate, in order to feel more ready to learn.
  • Use one advisory/homeroom to explore one page of the calming room. Next time you meet as an advisory class, explore another page of the calming room.
  • Use the calming room for yourself. We all know that to help our students be regulated, we also need to be regulated.

Community Members:
  • Come & explore to find new ideas and ways to find peace.
  • Use the calming room for yourself. We all know the importance of self-regulation.

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